the challenge… The first century Roman historian Seneca said, "He who is everywhere is nowhere." Twenty centuries later, many of us are trying to prove him wrong. In our attempt to be always "on," always "connected," always current, we've lost a sense of "place." And "place" is a vital component of identity. In short, who we are is inseparable from where we are. A growing number of us feel like we really aren't anywhere in particular. But, I suspect Seneca was right. We're made to "be" one place at one time.

The "darkSide of the moon" is a phrase used to describe the side of the moon that is not visible to earth.  My friend, the late James Irwin saw the dark side of the moon. He was part of the 1971 Apollo XV Mission, and orbited the moon before landing on it. While on the dark side of the moon, all communications with earth and everyone on it, was lost. NASA held its breath, so to speak, until the spacecraft came out from this place where they couldn't be "Found" or "Followed."

The "DarkSide Challenge" (DSC), in a sense, is the opposite of the Apollo Missions. In their case, "the far side of the moon" was a necessary evil. In your case, it will be a deliberate choice. In short, the DSC is a 30-day commitment to journey to a place where you can not be "followed" or "found," but instead may discover some things about yourself that will change the trajectory of your life.

THIS IS CRITICAL: You’ll need to work through the rest of the pages on this site to determine whether or not you've got the stuff to take this challenge. It isn't for everyone…especially wimps. Are you in or not? If so, let's start the journey to the "dark side." (proceed to next stage)